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The concept for a multi-state regional conference was informally discussed for several years by members of various state societies in the later 1990’s. Momentum began advancing the idea to a level  a joint task force was formed to explore the feasibility and lay down tracks for such an event.

The impetus to combine the previous individual state meetings was to offer a higher quality venue for participants and vendors. After several road trips and face to face meetings an agreement was drafted which led to the present day North Regional Respiratory Care Conference (NRRCC).  The name “North Regional….” was used anticipating other border states would join the consortium.

A joint executive committee (JEC), made up of 3 nominees from each state society, was charged with overseeing the planning and implementation of the annual meeting. It was agreed that the convention location would alternate between Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The 1st NRRCC meeting took place in the Wisconsin Dells in 2005, followed by Duluth in 2006. Subsequent meetings have alternated between the Dells region and Rochester. Initially the dates fluctuated between fall and spring but as of 2009 it was mutually agreed to use spring dates.

Although the JEC continues to supervise NRRCC operations, the success of the meeting has required an extensive network of volunteers putting in countless hours in advance, during and following each annual event. The conference agenda has a history of providing nationally and regionally renowned speakers covering a wide range of respiratory care related topics. Typically breakout sessions are added to general sessions to better address needs of the specialty sections within the profession similar to what is done at the American Association for Respiratory Care’s International Congress. With the exception of several years with economic downturns, the attendance has met or exceeded expectations. Registration numbers typically range from 350-400 plus participants with 70-80 vendors in attendance. By all measures the NRRCC has become a successful endeavor.