Dear Minnesota Society Member,

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Minnesota Society Community on AARConnect. Like other communities on AARConnect, you will be able to communicate with members and share documents in a library.

Every AARC member who belongs to the Minnesota Society will belong to this community. Before we launch the community, we wanted to give you an opportunity to review your privacy options and make changes as needed. Here is the link to AARConnect:

All of the items below can be found on your profile page, under the My Account menu, on the Privacy Settings page.

You can decide who sees your email address, phone number and mailing address. Any information you leave visible to “Members Only” or the “Public” will be visible to everyone in the community. If you choose the “My Contacts” option, only people you have listed as a Contact will be able to see that information.

As you may know, we do share your mailing address and phone number with your state society, but we do not share your email address. Many of you have opted to give your state societies your email address. On AARConnect, you have the ability to hide that information from everyone or share it with your contacts only, or share it with everyone.

After the community has launched, you will be able to set your subscriptions settings to this community. You can change the email used for this specific community, you can decide if you want to receive the community messages as they come in (Real-Time), summarized once a day (Daily Digest) or not at all (No Email). You cannot really unsubscribe, but choosing “No Email” means you won’t receive information from this community. This is going to be new for everyone, so to start, we will set everyone to Real-Time. We strongly encourage you to leave it as is for at least a month, until things settle. After that, if you feel there is too much email coming through, please choose the Daily Digest option. This email address will be discontinued, so the community on AARConnect will be your best way to stay current with state society news and events.

Please review and update your privacy settings by June 16th. We will activate the new community on June 19th. If you have any questions, please contact us so that we can help you update your privacy settings before the June 16th deadline.

Thank you!

Asha Desai, AARC Project Manager/HOD Liaison                                                    

Amanda Feil, AARC Membership Development Manager