Thank you for taking the time to help decide who will serve as leaders for the Minnesota Society for Respiratory Care. This election is now open and will close Thursday, February 28, 2019 at midnight.  All active and life members in good standing are eligible to vote and have been uploaded into the system. The election can be accessed at:  https://MSRCelection.simplyvoting.com

To vote, you will need your AARC membership number. Please note: your password for this election is your AARC membership number followed by your initials (lowercase)This may be different from your AARC password.  Example:

Name: John Doe

AARC membership number: 123456

Password for this vote: 123456jd

Common reasons for voting difficulty include expired memberships, password entry error, a change in name or address or living in another state/working in MN.  If your membership has expired, you will need to renew with the AARC and provide proof to be added to the elector list. If you live in a border state, your state membership is likely in that state unless you have worked with the AARC to change that.

If you have any difficulty voting, please contact Cheryl Sasse at cherylsasse2@gmail.com or 952-240-6145.